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Set Company Status at the Office Level

We would like to be able to set a status for each company in our database at the office level -- that is, if one of our customer has several offices.

Rather than have one singular status set in the Operational Info for the entire company, we would like to be able to set the status for each office within that company. That way, when we load: we can search by CRM terms, Company Information -> Status, we would be able to view the status on an office-per-office basis.

The intention in doing this is to use the Status field to represent a company's progression through sales funnel stages. This customization would enable us to leverage custom statuses to define not just where a *company* falls within our pipeline, but rather, indicate if we are pursuing opportunities at a specific location.

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  • Sep 2 2020
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    Brandon Taleghani commented
    03 Sep 18:10

    Thanks for writing in with this request! After reading through it, I actually believe that the best way for you to get this information would be to use our Opportunity functionality. This would allow you to create an Opportunity for each department that you are not currently working with and track the stages each is in. Once you get to the stage of them becoming a client/getting a job assignment, you can easily create that job directly from the Opportunity with all the details you have been entering to that point.

    If you have any questions about this please reach out to your AM.