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Remove Check Correction Changes Closed AC Period

When doing Remove Paycheck Correction, this process will make a change to a closed Accounting Period if the original check that was Voided/Reversed/Reissued was from a closed Accounting Period. We would never want to make a change to a closed Accounting Period.

I also do not want to lose the functionality to be able to Remove Paycheck Correction because I love having this ability!!

It seems more likely we would want the change to be reflected in the current working Accounting Period. For example, If I want to remove a Void from a check originally from an October Accounting Period, I do not want to change the data from that October Accounting Period by doing the removal, rather, I want to see a positive check in the current working Accounting Period as we are "reinstating" that October check.


Example:  Attached is a screen shot from our training dB (as of 11/7/2019) of check 15029288.  The check was issued on 4/26/2019 to agency SGF.  The check was then voided on 10/27/2019.

Next is an attachment of our Live dB as of today (12/12/2019.)  The void on check v15029288 was removed on 12/01/2019, invoices were corrected and the void was redone.  Now check v15029288 has a check date of 12/01/2019 rather than 10/27/2019.  

The accounting period 11/01/2019 is now altered by the amount of the check.  Reports no longer match what actually occurred during that accounting period, nor do our general ledger for 11/01 or 12/01.

  • Carrie Liddicoat
  • Dec 12 2019
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