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Deduction DRM - Vertex pre-tax limits



The existing pre-tax vertex code needs to not process a deduction once the limit has been reached.


We are also in need of a DRM to alert us when the  401k deduction with the Vertex pre-tax limit is reached, so we can set up the next deduction for individuals over 50.


Re: ticket 255747





  • Carrie Liddicoat
  • Aug 14 2019
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  • Guest commented
    September 12, 2019 17:26

    We control pre tax deductions that have annual limits (such as 401k, HSA) by setting the yearly limit either in Admin tools > Transaction Type > Property which will then flow to all deductions  or by setting it individually when the deduction is set up at the employee > Payroll > deduction level.  Suggestion might be to have several 401k transaction types, the standard one and a separate one that could be chosen for employees over 50 to allow for the increased limit ( 401k >50).  That would allow the different yearly limits to be set for each one separately in Admin Tools and it would automatically flow to the deduction setup for the employee.  You just have to remember to change the limits annually.