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Update the date filter from the Supplier SUI Rate section

1.  Update the filter to allow all rates to display so that you can see the historical rates for SUI allowing you to see if the rates have gone up or down.  

2.  Update the filter to allow to filter on all setup SUI rates for a specific year so that no matter what the start date of the rates they are easy to find and manage all rates for a given year. 

3.  Allow the SUI end date to be a date further out than 1 year.  There are times that updated SUI rates for a provided late and it causes users have to have to make updates in this area prior to having the correct information.  Where if the dates could be extended beyond a year then things would continue to function as they should until updated rates are provided and the admin can get them entered.

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  • Dec 3 2018
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  • Admin
    Natasha Wright commented
    December 04, 2018 15:53

    Thank you for sharing your enhancement idea! This is currently under review by our product team. You will receive notifications via the enhancement portal as this idea moves through our process.

  • Carrie Liddicoat commented
    December 06, 2018 19:48

    Also remove the restriction that the start & end dates must be in the same calendar year.  It is rare the we receive a new rate by the 1st of the year so we are forced to update the rate twice each year.

  • Admin
    Dana Santos commented
    08 Jan 22:58

    Carrie - thanks for your time spent speaking regarding the SUI area.  Per our conversation, it was discussed that 2 key changes would significantly improve the usability of this area.

    1. Update the date filter to be a year filter so you can see all setup SUI rates for a given year.

    2. Allow the end date of SUI rates to extend beyond 1 year because updated rates are not always provide exactly at the start of the new year.  Then when the new rate for the year is received the appropriate end date can be entered and the new rate updated for the following year. 

    I will add these comments to the overall idea as well.

    Thank you everyone for your comments as it is our goal to ensure we are providing a strong user experience throughout.  

  • Carrie Liddicoat commented
    09 Sep 12:01

    Can we get an update on this please?